$NEOK Token

The $NEOK token is designed to create a diverse and thriving ecosystem that rewards KYC-compliant holders for their contributions, fosters active participation of investors, and encourages trading from outsiders to support the growth and success of the DAO

$NEOK utility

Contributors and impact investors receive $NEOK in return for their investment. $NEOK gives them access to equivalent shares of NEOKingdom DAO ownership, governance, and dividend rights


Every KYC-compliant $NEOK-holder becomes an official shareholder of the underlying private limited company of NEOKingdom DAO


Every contributor and impact investor has a voice in governance decisions. Decentralized governance is a key characteristic of our DAO


Every KYC-compliant $NEOK-holder is eligible to receive a part of the profits generated by NEOKingdom DAO

$NEOK holders



Individuals who have acquired $NEOK for trading purposes from the secondary market and have no connection to NEOKingdom DAO



KYC’d Individuals who are interested in participating in NEOKingdom DAO. They have ownership and the right to receive profits but do not have access to governance


Impact Investors

KYC’d  individuals whose investment is significant enough to NEOKingdom DAO that they have ownership and the right to receive profits and participate in the governance of the DAO



KYC’d core members of NEOKingdom DAO. Their contributed time triggers the minting of $NEOK. They have access to ownership, governance, and dividend rights but also have the most restrictions

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