Our DAO framework consists of all of our legal agreements, our smart contracts, the dApp and the ERP system, which others can adopt to get up and running as a DAO in no time. Organizations using our framework are called Neokingdoms.


A Neokingdom is a DAO wrapped into a limited liability company incorporated in Estonia that uses our custom legal structures. All members of a Neokingdom are also the shareholders of a respective underlying private limited company. In addition to our legal framework, every DAO uses our audited Smart Contracts and our tested progressive web dApp.

Legal Framework

Our vision for how our DAO and others DAOs would operate, was translated into a robust legal framework, consisting of our Articles of Association and our Shareholders' Agreement. PwC analyzed our legal framework, concluding that our $NEOK token is not a security.

Smart Contracts

Our smart contracts were developed to mirror our legal contracts, ensuring that everything we do aligns with legal standards in Estonia. The smart contracts were audited by two security auditing firms, ensuring the security and integrity of our system.

Progressive web dApp

We have developed a dApp that plays a key role in our system. We use the dApp to track our time contribution to the project, vote on resolutions and track our tokens. It is accessible via mobile and desktop.

How did we achieve this?

Our approach is legal-first, blockchain-based and contributor-owned.

Central to our unique legal-first approach, was our commitment to work with governments and auditors (legal, tax and smart contracts). We worked closely with the Estonian Government, PwC and smart contract security auditing firms to create this robust legal and technical framework.

This recognition is significant for us and shows that legal DAOs are possible.


We are building an Ecosystem of DAOs – The NEOCommonwealth. This ecosystem unites all DAOs that use our framework, creating synergies to collectively change our future for the better. Currently there are four DAOs that are part of our ecosystem – NEOKingdom DAO, Teledisko, Metawalls, and NEOKarosse.


Teledisko is the smallest disco in the world. It is also the first business to adopt the NEOKingdom DAO framework, in order to become a more equitable company.

Dance like there is no tomorrow, Go crazy with your best friends. Insert a coin and get your favorite song, then a photo printed instantly and a video via download link.


Metawalls is building a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem, based on the Profit-Share Program. All participants – artists, collectors, and art lovers – are fairly rewarded for their contribution and engagement.


NEOKarosse gives a 1963 Bentley a new life, by converting the classic vehicle to an electric vehicle, by updating the technical components to the most modern available. The vehicle is co-owned by its token holders. The co-owners can gain access to use the Bentley with tokens which are administered through a dApp.

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