Florian Hauer

Florian is running his own Graphic Design Studio in Berlin. He believes that, as creatives, we have a responsibility towards society. With his work, he wants to provide orientation, highlight values, and promote sustainability. That’s also why he joined NEOKingdom DAO as a part-time contributor to help create and visualize something that goes beyond the surface.

Gianluca Donato​

dApp Developer
Gianluca is a senior software engineer who has specialized in backend and frontend development over the last 10 years. He co-founded his own startup, worked in Silicon Valley, Italy, the UK, and the Netherlands. At NEOKingdom DAO, Gianluca contributes to the dApp development and infrastructure. When he’s not coding, he enjoys paragliding and flying around the world.

Merike Pärn

Merike is responsible for accounting at NEOKingdom DAO.

Nicola Miotta

Blockchain Engineer
Nicola has had an eclectic career over the last 15 years, ranging from mobile development, backend, data and machine learning before landing in the Web3 space. In addition to being a smart contract developer professionally, in his spare time, Nicolacreates on-chain NFT art, plays ambient and piano music, and spends copious amounts of time cooking food. He lives in Berlin with his wife and little daughter.

Hana Yoosuf

DAO Design & Partnerships
Hana has been involved in Web3 since 2017, including as the Director of Product at Least Authority, and serving on the board of Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition. She is an advocate of digital rights and privacy, and strives to make Web 3 more inclusive. At Deloitte in NYC, Hana worked with the C-Suite of Fortune 500 on how to innovate companies digital transformation, new business models, and how to work more effectively as a team. She moves continents with the seasons.

Benjamin von Uphues

Founding Contributor
Benjamin von Uphues is a Berlin-based inventor determined to make ‘DAOcracy’ a viable way for modern society to thrive. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and challenging conventional wisdom and is driven by a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to making the world a better place in a tangible way. His latest invention, which went viral, is a coin-operated disco in an upcycled telephone booth found in the streets of Berlin.

Anna Harbaum

Advisor in Taxes
Anna has a background in Ops/Accounting/Taxes, worked for plenty of Crypto Projects and formed her own Company in 2012 to support clients with their taxes. She joined our project just recently as advisor for our team and the project. Beside that she is currently back to school studying for her tax advisor exam.

Peter Schwarz

Odoo Architect
Peter is an Odoo enthusiast. With 10 years of experience in Odoo consulting, developing and creating Odoo solutions for many companies, Peter knows the full Odoo playground by heart. As he worked industry independent in the past, he has a strong understanding of business processes and how to optimize them. In combination with the intrinsic interest in blockchain technology and Ben’s vision he started the ‘DAOcracy’ journey back in 2015.

Stefano Ceschi Berrini

Senior Software Engineer – dApp
Stefano has worked in tech for almost 20 years across Europe. He splits his time between a Dutch company as their Engineering Manager, and leading the development of NEOKingdom DAO’s dApp and infrastructure. He spends most of his spare time with his wife, his 3 kids, and his bernese mountain dog. He’s also into water polo, football, and skiing.

Alberto Granzotto

Blockchain Engineer
Alberto is a software engineer focused on decentralization, blockchain, and open source systems. He is passionate about digital privacy and rights. In 2015, he shifted to blockchain development, joining a firm specializing in art provenance on the Bitcoin blockchain. Currently, he dedicates most of his time to DAOs and continues collaborating with selected artists.

Tassilo Boßmann

DAO Design
At NEOKingdom DAO, Tassilo contributes to the Outreach circle. As a consultant in the past, Tassilo helped companies to develop innovative products, business models or adopt new ways of working. Design Thinking, Agile and Product development are part of his toolbox. He is value-driven and passionate about the change that blockchain technology will bring to the world.

Ragnar Reindoff

Technical Board Member
Ragnar has helped various tech and blockchain companies operate and set up in Estonia.

Siim Turban

Website Developer
Specializing in dynamic web development, excels in crafting engaging website effects and functionalities. With a strong foundation in Python, Java, and cutting-edge web technologies, his work is fueled by studies at Tartu University and a passion for innovative web solutions.

Marko Talur

Chief Legal Officer
Marko worked for the Ministry of Finance of Estonia for almost ten years before joining the “dark side”. Since 2018, he has advised dozens of blockchain projects, ranging from simple ICOs, to complicated funding structures. Marko is the author of the legal framework of NEOKingdom DAO.

Marti Prees

Website Developer
In the realm of academia, Marti wielded a BSc in engineering, only to discover that it didn’t quite strike the right chord. So he decided to embark on a journey to coding and entrepreneurship – and that led to joining the DAO in 2023. Marti, with his touch of OCD precision, quietly but confidently supports the DAO’s web-related needs.

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