Together for a better future

Become a NEOKingdom and be part of a new era of decentralized collaboration, purpose, and ownership.



The NEOKingdom DAO and all other NEOKingdoms are united in one ecosystem – The NEOCommonwealth – working together as a collective to build a better future for ourselves and our communities.

NEOKingdom DAO

NEOKingdom DAO is the groundwork to create EVM-based, legally compliant DAOs using the favorable Estonian legal system. Investors can invest money and contributors can invest time to receive tokens of the DAO. The tokens give access to ownership, governance, and dividend rights.

Teledisko DAO

The teledisko is the smallest disco in the world. Dance like there is no tomorrow! Go crazy with your best friends. Insert a coin and get your favorite song, then a photo printed instantly and a video via download link.

NEOKarosse DAO

NEOKarosse gives a 1963 classic Bentley a new life-cycle by converting the vehicle to an electric power drive and updating the technical components to the most modern available. The vehicle is co-owned by it’s token holders. Tokens give usage-rights which are administered through a progressive web dApp that let’s users book and use the Bentley.

Metwalls DAO

Metawalls is building a decentralized and inclusive ecosystem, based on the Profit-Share Program. All participants – artists, collectors, and art lovers – are fairly rewarded for their contribution and engagement.

NEOCommonwealth unites all NEOKingdoms and aligns them for their collective strength. Every NEOKingdom transfers a portion of its token supply to the NEOKingdom DAO. In return, each NEOKingdom receives a corresponding number of NEOKingdom DAO tokens. This will be done continuously as the NEOKingdom grows its token supply through contributions. Both parties will maintain a benchmark of the total tokens minted and will be entitled to ownership, voting, and profit rights.

The utopians of today
are the realists of tomorrow.