Ownership and purpose

Traditionally, organizations are run by a small group of people without a great deal of transparency. The majority of employees are not included, or even privy to decision-making that impacts them, let alone profit from the success of the company. We believe that contributors should be able to invest their time, not simply sell it.

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Open roles

We are building DAOs that challenge the status quo. That’s why NEOKingdoms are designed with contributors as the owners of the DAO.

Our values

Our values serve as the constitution of NEOKingdom DAO. In practice they can be used to explain or justify any action. Practically contributors will often meet challenges that touch more then just one core value. The outcome is allowed to be a very individual result consisting of a mix of core values.


Fairness is the virtue to allow others and oneself to live without injustice, and the same level of opportunity at any point in live. Fairness entails accepting personal disadvantages and giving up potential benefits in consideration of others.


Competitiveness allows to excel past others in a challenging environment. Competitiveness requires a mindful approach and can be used as a powerful source but not against one own’s peers.


Independence allows you to act and think in unconfined patterns. You choose your own path with a clear vision and no peer pressure.


Holistic-story-telling is the skill to see the entire image and craft a narrative that includes a beginning, climax and an end. It involves the creation of a holistic story in all your actions that can easily be understood by others. Story-telling allows you to create and live your own story to enjoy and grow. You are limited by your own imagination only.

Our Team

Gianluca Donato

Fullstack Engineer

Benjamin von Uphues

Founding Contributor

Peter Schwarz

Odoo Expert

Marko Talur

Chief Legal Officer

Nicola Miotto

Blockchain Engineer

Ragnar Reindoff

Technical Board Member

Merike Pärn


Alberto Granzotto

Blockchain Engineer

Tassilo Nils Boßmann


Florian Hauer


Johannes Theilmann

Product & Organization

Stefano Ceschi Berrini

Software Engineer

Hana Yoosuf

Communication & Content

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