About us


Purpose & Vision

NEOKingdom DAO’s vision is to reimagine employment by facilitating both web3 and real-world businesses to become DAOs. Investors can invest money and contributors can invest time to receive tokens of the DAO. These $NEOK tokens give access to ownership, governance, and dividend rights. 

Enabling a new type of governance

This new type of governance is emerging from the combination of technical evolution and decentralization of organizations.We call it DAOcracy.


In a Neokingdom, every contributor is an investor and owner. We believe in giving the organizations in the hands of the people.

Invest time or money

Contributors can invest time and investors can invest money into Neokingdoms. As a reward, they receive tokens, corresponding to the value they invested.

Contributors can invest time and investors can invest money into Neokingdoms. As a reward, they receive tokens, corresponding to the value they invested.

Own a DAO

These tokens give access to ownership rights of a DAO. Investors and contributors can use them to engage with that DAO or sell them, which will reduce their ownership rights accordingly.

Be a shareholder

Each investor and contributor becomes an official shareholder of the underlying private limited company of a DAO, registered in Estonia. Shareholder rights are protected by law, and they have the right to appeal to Estonian court.


In all Neokingdoms, every contributor has a voice in governance decisions. We believe that decentralized governance is a necessity to create a fair organization.

Governance forum

Governance participation is at the heart of all Neokingdoms. We value divers perspectives and acknowledge the importance of decentralized governance.


Every contributor can propose a resolution. Once a resolution is put forward, contributors can vote with the respective weight of their tokens for or against it. Adopted resolutions are legally binding.


Every contributor is an owner and has a voice in governance decisions, and rights to profits. Contributors also have the flexibility to liquidate their $NEOK tokens for fiat money. NEOKingdom DAO is a legally-compliant DAO under the favourable Estonian legal system.


Every investor and contributor owns tokens of a Neokingdom. This way, everyone involved shapes the success of the DAO and benefits from it.


The digital nature of a Neokingdom provides flexibility to all contributors: Contribute from where you want, when you want, and how you want.

Token liquidity

Contributors are rewarded for the value they add to a Neokingdom. These rewards are minted once per month and sent to the contributor’s wallet.

Profit share

All contributors are automatically eligible to receive a share of profits generated by our DAOs under the law.

Our first Neokingdoms

Currently, there are two active DAOs using the NEOKingdom DAO framework: teledisko DAO OÜ, launched on July 27th, 2022 as a pilot project, and NEOKingdom DAO OÜ, launched in December 2022, which focuses on the legal and technical development of the DAO framework. There are 3-5 other companies in the pipeline to adopt the NEOKingdom DAO framework and become DAOs in 2023. All Neokingdoms unite in a novel ecosystem approach – the NEOCommonwealth.

The utopians of today
are the realists of tomorrow.