NEOKingdom DAO’s journey to Cosmoverse 2023

The idea for NEOKingdom DAO was born back in the summer of 2016 in Berlin, based on the belief that the most precious asset we all have is TIME. We can waste it, use it, or even better, invest it.

The core idea behind NEOKingdom DAO is that contributors are investing in the DAO with their time. The time spent on tasks is tracked and the DAO’s native tokens, NEOK are minted and distributed according to the amount of time a contributor invested during the month. The contributor can then choose to either keep the tokens which give access to ownership, dividend and voting rights in the DAO, or exchange them for any other digital currency or Fiat to pay their bills. In this way, even if a contributor stops contributing to the DAO, by holding on to tokens they acquired, they will continue to benefit from any future gains, unlike when a traditional employee leaves a traditional company

The terms around how this has to be done are defined in the Shareholders Agreement (SHA). NEOKingdom DAO’s SHA has been assessed by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), for compliance with relevant laws, and PwC also concluded that the NEOK token is not considered a security.

Here’s are some highlights of our journey so far, and of the big decisions that will shape our future.

  • On July 23, 2022 we deployed our fully functioning and legally-compliant prototype, teledisko DAO. teledsiko is a highly visible real-world business, an important distinction given our vision is to make employment fairer by facilitating both Web3 and real-world businesses to become DAOs – and to enable others to do the same.
  • NEOKingdom DAO was incorporated as an Estonian limited company and required a legal foundation which consists of the Articles of Association (AoA) and the Shareholders agreement SHA). This monumental task was accomplished by Marko Talur, our Head of Legal.
  • The technical implementation of those legal documents in the form of Solidity Smart Contracts, integrated with our dApp on the frontend. These were developed by Alberto Granzotto and Nicola Miotto, along with Stefano Ceschi Berrini and Gianluca Donato, our team of Italian cyberpunks
  • It was not easy to pick an ecosysteml But we landed on EVMOS as part of the IBC-enabled Cosmos
  • The logical next milestone was an in-person core team summit in November 2022 in the NEOKingdom DAO ‘AirShipCastle’ in Berlin. During the summit, the core founding team of Marko Talur, Alberto Granzotto, Nicola Miotto and Benjamin von Uphues, determined the details of the ecosystem We evaluated our learnings from the teledisko DAO prototype in order to map out the growth of the NEOKingdom DAO ecosystem, to be known as the NEOCommonwealth, which will include all the real-world and Web3 businesses and organizations who adopt our legal and technical framework to become a Neokingdom
  • In December 2022, the NEOCommonwealth was founded virtually thanks to all the core founding team being e-citizens of Estonia. The mission of the NEOCommonwealth is to recognize the energy, enthusiasm and contribution of individuals’ time as an asset that should be considered as an investment. d the decentralization of organizations

For most of 2023, the focus has been to test our assumptions in the real world,  given the experimental nature of this project.

  • Based on PwC’s assessment, all legal documents were updated and submitted to the Estonian business registry, a public database where all legal public information about companies operating in Estonia is stored.
  • Our smart contracts went went through two successful security audits, by Least Authority and Solid Proof
  • We designed our identity and built our external-facing communication channels (,, Discord, and this blog)
  • Our dApp, which serves as the frontend to our smart contracts, was revamped with new features to improve the usability
  • We emerged from stealth mode with a soft-launch at NFT Tallinn in May 2023. In collaboration with the EVMOS and LEAP Wallet teams, we trailblazed to bring the first ever EVMOS-based ERC20 token in its IBC version into the greater Cosmos ecosystem
  • NEOK Token has launched and is now tradable on four Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) in Cosmos: Injective’s Helix, Kujira, Osmosis and Crescent

As of September 2023, NEOKingdom DAO has achieved its original vision dating all the way back to 2016. Anyone can now play with what we have conceived of and built.  We are ready to be challenged and we are looking forward to collaborating with all builders.

We encourage everyone to question the status quo. Are you still creating value that someone else benefits from, or are you taking care of yourself by valuing your precious time?

We are ready to share more with you at Cosmoverse 2023!

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